Thursday, August 6, 2020

The kids will win.

When the parkland shooting happened a few years ago, several of the more vocal survivors started talking about how "the kids will win."

Of course, derision was cast at them by the establishment.

But many in that generation became registered voters that year, and more have since then. So they can back up that statement with a voice in shaping the nations future.

I'm not going to sit here and try and speak to what they want, but I can generally tell you that they come from a variety of backgrounds, social statuses, have mixed families in terms of religion and race, and are connected to the world in a way that those of us who are little older can't quite comprehend. Plus many are technologically savvy.

So when they hear about progressive issues, social injustices, or people telling them to let the adults lead, they bristle. They're ready to tackle these things.

A couple of years ago, the first of what will probably be many elected representatives took office, in AOC. The establishment hates her, but thats their problem. They'll have to get over that. She is starting a move that will drive more younger people into caring about politics.

And then you hear about the Tik Tok kids that essentially is an informal group of these folks. Trump and others see them as a threat - because they successfully disrupted a klan, er, trump rally and essentially took them out of the data collection business (the backbone of last generation political campaigns).

So they want to ban Tik Tok. But what they really don't get is that it's not about the platform. That's just *a tool*. Take it away, and they'll find another. They're pissed off and motivated. And my hunch is that they enjoy tweaking the old establishment.

These kids are learning how to assert themselves. And frankly, given how the old, white, male establishment treats everything, I can't blame them. Kids were shot in school, the wealthy are granted all manner of privilege, there's racism and xenophobia, and no one is taking charge during a pandemic. It's time for the next generation to take the reigns and shape the future.

There was another thing that has happened in the last few weeks: college football student athletes are banding together to demand change in the face of the pandemic. They want us to recognize that they are the product and thus will change the way college football is managed.

Since this is *the* money maker in most universities, the programs will have to listen.

They have a long list of things they're asking for, but at the heart of it is that they want a seat at the head of the table to help guide what football should be doing now, and 20 years from now. It's another example of the kids finding the will - and a way - to win.

No matter what, they'll outlive the old establishment.

So buckle up. Things are about to get interesting.

Marco on Karen Bass

I find it highly amusing that lil Marco spoke of this a week or so ago, and now is sending around this in fund raising emails. The horror! She actually mourned someone's death. 

Marco likes to quote a particular book that has some stuff in there from a central character about compassion, and turning the other cheek - even against your enemies. 

Yet its okay, in his opinion, to celebrate the death of another human and decry anyone who mourns Castro. 

Perhaps he really doesn't understand that book. 

And I know. It's always about Cuba with him. And secondarily it's about party and politics. 

Meanwhile, the guy in the Oval Office overtly supports dictators around the world, lauds then, salutes their generals, and says they are doing a great job - at least in part *because* they are dictators. 

From Kim Jung, to Duarte, to the mess that is Venezuela, mr trump has a thing for dictators. And he doesn't seem the least bit concerned about that. 

Heck, even when he does nothing about the killing of US troops, funded by a close-to-a-dictator in Putin, marco brushes that off with a shrug. 

But he's "tough" on Cuba. And therefore it's different. 

Surely, Marco is blinded by his own family's history with Cuba, and not appreciating how trump is a wanna be dictator who would do many of the things Castro did, given a chance. 

"Willing ignorance" is an interesting turn of phrase because that's exactly what the GOP about everything trump does, even when he talks up communism. 

A communist sympathizer already inhabits the Oval Office. He's just playing dumb and hoping you won't notice. 

What a fool we have representing us in the senate. 

Karen Bass had this to say about Fidel Castro's passing in 2016:
"The passing of the Comandante en Jefe is a great loss to the people of Cuba."

That's a direct quote, , and she is currently one of the top candidates to be Joe Biden's candidate for Vice President. It's comments like these that show the willing ignorance Democrats have when it comes to communism. 

They're more concerned with pleasing far left voters than they are with speaking out against a communist dictator. It's awful, and shows how out of touch the party has become. 

Karen Bass' comments concern me, and the fact she's even being considered as Vice President should concern every single American in the country. 

We can't allow communist sympathizers to infiltrate the highest ranks of our government,

Monday, August 3, 2020

Peter Kennedy Patents

Patents granted:
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The kids will win.

When the parkland shooting happened a few years ago, several of the more vocal survivors started talking about how "the kids will win.&...