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Looks like Biden got under the weak little mans collar. He “claps back” by attacking Obama....who last I read wasn’t running for office.
Such a douche.  

The future of football (this season)

The NFL has some contingency plans in place for "if" the Coronavirus is still a factor (which is kind of laughable if only because they are only thinking about their economic interests). So for now they are marching to the beat of opening training camps, and business as usual with packed stadiums starting in late summer.

The contingency plans call for pushing back the season a few weeks, or reduced capacity at stadiums. But that's reportedly as far as they've gotten. They're just wishing things away. Just remember that these billionaire Owners can suck up a loss of revenue for a time if they have to.

The nfl typically resumes sometime in late July / early August, but doesn't start their preseason until about 3 weeks later; and don't start playing "real" games until after Labor Day. So their schedule could be tweaked perhaps.

College football is coming at it a little differently. For them, the single most profitable thing major universiti…


The more you know...

Court rules “Dueling Dinos” belong to landowners, in a win for science | Science | AAAS

Intriguing. And by the way, this relates back to Disney in two ways.

First, the story of Sue the T-Rex who came out neighboring South Dakota had a long and drawn out legal battle over who owned her (complicated by her being found on an Indian reservation).

And second, when Disney first acquired the Florida property, they only had land use rights, and not mineral rights. So they had to obtain them as quietly as possible and brought in a former cia operative to help make it happen.

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Donald Trump's 2014 tweet about Barack Obama comes back to bite him - NZ Herald

Yup. He was golfing yesterday as the number of dead rise to about 100,000.

But what are you gonna do? He ordered flags lowered to half mast and had a flyover to celebrate health care workers.

That's showing leadership in the face of the pandemic isn't it?

“Let then eat cake”

A follow up about Disney parks.

Disney world has been taking reservations along the way, always starting about one month out, and looking beyond that, into the future. There's a lot of aspiration in the idea of booking in the near-ish future. And I'm sure as a company they are assuming/hoping they can reopen shortly.

But things are very fluid. Disney has no crystal ball and can't see the future. And honestly anyone who is now booking a trip for the immediate future is a fool.

Yes disney is the bubble. The happiest place on earth. A place where you leave your troubles behind. And that's all fine and well.

Except that this virus affects *everyone* and in a crowded space like theme parks, such a thing can run rampant and affect scores of people.

So disney is balancing costs, losses, good will, safety, perception, and the risk of liability.

So as we move along through the pandemic, about 2-3 weeks prior to arrival dates, they send a message to the families with bookings (whether it's new or some…

No, NASA didn’t find a parallel-universe where time runs backward

A reminder to be careful what you read! 
Peter Gorham, the principal investigator on ANITA, says it's "some unfortunate tabloid journalism" and notes an early report by the Daily Star "just made some things up about myself and our experiment."

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