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Friday, April 28, 2017

Caption this..

During the election cycle, I argued with some folks about one topic in particular. All things being equal, setting aside the BS that was being hurled, I kept saying that el donaldo had no idea what being president was like.

And then there was Hillary, who had lived through an 8-year term with her husband occupying the Oval Office, and later served as senator and Secretary of State; she knew exactly what the job entailed - and voluntarily signed up to do it anyway.

The thing I argued was that she was prepared and he was not.

That says something about each of them. The job IS hard. Most presidents come away greyer and looking worn out.

So el donaldo goes into an interview and says some dumb things like "I thought this was going to be easy. It's harder than I thought!"

Really? Really? Shame on you, and anyone who thought you had a clue.

El donaldo: What a dumbass

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trust data

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Archimedes was a fascinating Greek scientist, engineer, inventor, and more who lived in the 300 b.c.e. range.  He understood mathematics, conceptuslized physics, and followed the movement of the stars. He found a means to calculate the area and of unusual shapes and worked to derive a value for pi. 

But there's one story that stands out, an anecdotal account about how he invented a method for determining the volume of an object with an irregular shape. 

King Hiero II asked for a crown made of gold, but he suspected that silver had replaced much of the gold inside the crown - and that the crown maker was a thief! 

Archimedes was asked to determine if this was true, without damaging the crown.  The obvious thing to do would be to melt it down into a regularly shaped body in order to calculate its density. But that was impossible. 

Inspiration struck him, as the story goes, as he was taking a bath.  He noticed that the level of the water in the tub rose as he got in, and realized that this effect could be used to determine the volume of the crown. 

Excited, he stood from the tub and ran naked through the streets yelling "Eureka!" Or "I have found it!"

What had he found?

In his assignment from the king, he realized that the submerged crown would displace an amount of water equal to its own volume. 

By dividing the mass (it's weight) of the crown by the volume of water displaced (i.e. How far the water moved up the tub), he would have the density of the crown. 

The density would be lower if cheaper and less dense metals had been added to the gold (and higher if it was all gold). 

The test was conducted, and he proved that silver had indeed been mixed in.  The crown maker was trying to pull a fast one and legend says the king had him executed. 

Now whether this story is entirely true is anyone's guess. But there is certainly some substance to it: Archimedes did discover and write about displacement of water as it relates to density. And the principle is still in use today. 

And his eureka moment extended further still. The principle is the reason a boat can stay bouyant. 

Of course boats don't actually float! The reason has everything to do with displacement of water. But it can be hard to wrap your head around. So here's a simple explanation that succinctly sums it up. 

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#MakeAmericaSmartAgain. Archimedes. Displacement. Boats. And the eureka moment.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I keep hearing the rhetoric. These guy should are bad. These guys are taking our jobs. These guys should be deported. These guys don't look like me, don't act like me, don't follow the same god as me.

But for those of you who think that way, have you ever met any of "them"?

When I watched SNL this weekend, the phrase from Michael Che stuck with me: "you don't know what kind of cakes I've seen."  Yeah pretty much.

Don't be so quick to judge.  Look tot the cake.

Clip starts at 2:03.

Walk a mile in someone's shoes...

Friday, April 14, 2017

Some new info about voting irregularities.

This info was requested by NAVO a group that focuses on free and fair elections.

#illegitimate #NotOurPresident

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


#DumbAssQuoteOfTheWeek: Sean Spicer "Hitler didn't even sink to using chemical weapons."

Monday, April 10, 2017

In 2016' el donaldo said "I have the greatest stuff and you know what? I love golf. But if I were in the White House, I don't think I'd ever see Turnberry again. I don't think I'd ever see Doral again. I own Doral in Miami. I don't think I'd ever see many of the places I have. I don't think I'd ever see anything, I just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off and make great deals, right? Who's gonna leave?"

Well, as it turns out he wasn't lying. AFAIK he hasn't been to Doral or Turnberry. But he has gone to several of his other resorts, most notably Mar A Lago.

As for the rest - working his ass off and not leaving - well that's another story.

But I think most people miss a subtlety in this story. He's supposed to be a big Christian and the evangelicals and tv pastors prop him up. While he spends all this time golfing on weekends, we never hear about him attending any religious services.

Funny that.

Trump on golfing

Sunday, April 9, 2017

#MakeAmericaSmartAgain To Be a Genius, Think Like a 94-Year-Old -

Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I've come to the conclusion that el donaldo *is* doofenshmirtz.

Build that wall!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

And I would have gotten away with it, too...if it hadn't been for your meddling kids....

April fools

Friday, March 31, 2017

Republican strategist Amanda Carpenter, who once served as Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) communications director said of ivanka: "What's she doing exactly? Nobody knows. What qualifies her? Apparently being the president's daughter. There's a word for this: nepotism," Carpenter wrote. "And it makes everything Ivanka has done up to this point to position herself as an example for working women into a farce. By taking this role, Ivanka is taking away a life-changing opportunity from another woman, who undoubtedly would have more expertise than the first daughter."

Ivanka Trump And White House Nepotism - Ivanka Doesn't Represent Working Women

Thursday, March 30, 2017

18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Tick.  Tick. Tick. 

Legal definition: treason

"I haven't been in a science class in a long time, but the earth moves closer to the sun every year–you know the rotation of the earth," Wagner said. "We're moving closer to the sun."

He added, "We have more people. You know, humans have warm bodies. So is heat coming off? Things are changing, but I think we are, as a society, doing the best we can."

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone. 

#DumbQuoteOfTheWeek Pennsylvania Republican state Sen. Scott Wagner

There's a lot to take in about the changes to internet privacy. But the one thing that gets missed is this: it just got a helluva lot easier for law enforcement to obtain your private records without a court order.

That should scare the crap out of you. It's bigger than selling your info for profit; now you can be legally spied on for any and every thing you do.

Internet privacy

Interesting read. A little hard to follow but it backs up what I've been saying that he is #NotOurPresident

This comment struck me: "individual messaging for individual voters." Of course!

#Illegitimate Trump Russia dossier key claim 'verified' - BBC News

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

This is the manual corporate America uses. Bigly.

The Early Spy Manual That Turned Bad Middle Management Into An Espionage Tactic | Atlas Obscura

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Those are some great reviews...

Yes, this kid was from the U.K. But perhaps if we embraced science in the same way - they were having teens use NASA data to help them understand the universe a little - we could also have teens who see these types of data errors.

#MakeAmericaSmartAgain A Teenager Just "Delighted" NASA By Pointing Out a Significant Error in Their Data

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Trump touts Charter hiring that was in works for two years | Reuters

Friday, March 24, 2017

This is my new favorite picture. He's a 5 year old in pretty much every way. It's kind of awesome to see him act his mental age!

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone. 

Trump truck

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This is way cool. Now think about the "rocket science" required to launch the shuttle, and the technology it took to make it reusable.

#MakeAmericaSmartAgaun Absolutely Mind blowing Video Shot from the Space Shuttle during Launch | UNTOLD UNIVERSE

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Monday, March 20, 2017


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Irish faux pas

Everyone looked down upon them, much as "we" do today on muslims. Thanks Enda, for putting it out there for him to chew on.

Ye, the Irish were the wretched

No one respects women more than he does. No one.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pi day also happened to be Einsteins birthday.

Everyone instantly recognizes his name, but most forget that in addition to being a brilliant scientist, he was essentially a refugee. He was a Jew from Germany who came to the US in the 1930s, after being persecuted in his homeland.

Thinking about this, there are two other things about him that may also be relevant today: in spite of being well educated, he was fairly poor; and he lived here for a fairly long period before he got his citizenship.

But that's not all there is to say about the man. Einstein had interests beyond science.

He was a social activist. Of the nazi regime he said "[they] shun popular enlightenment, and more than anything else in the world, fear the influence of men of intellectual independence."

He was a member of the NAACP, and passionate about being against racism. He called racism the "worst disease in the US, that's handed down from generation to generation" and was vocal about it, giving talks on the subject.

Einstein also encouraged socialism and was critical of capitalism, and gave talks on that too. He strongly advocated the idea of a "democratic global government" that would check the power of nation-states in the framework of a world federation.

Keep that in mind. Everyone can and should contribute to society on an intellectual level as well as have a social conscience. Keeping people down or out because they are different or merely poor is not a solution to anything.


Monday, March 13, 2017

"Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated"

El donaldo makes my head hurt.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tanishq is an Indian American who graduated from college at 11, and is now pursuing an advanced degree. He's wicked smart, and we should all be following his success. Why watch some lame TV show about a wanna-be-celebrity when you can follow this bright youngster!

#MakeAmericaSmartAgain - child prodigy wants to become doctor and researcher

In these rather odd times with El donaldo, we've heard his "scandal" is like watergate. And he tries to twist it so that he's the victim of watergate, rather than Nixon.

I think it's clear he's a clueless buffoon, and he is Nixon in this case. He profited.  He didn't pay taxes. Perhaps he doesn't have any direct intelligence on his rivals through recordings, but those close to him very well may.

Read for yourself....

I am not a crook

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Some "Christian" minister is proposing a boycott of Disney over the rumor that LeFou in the remake of Beauty and the Beast is gay.

We don't know, of course, how this will be portrayed, but in keeping with disneys traditional work on social issues, it will probably be subtle.

But they're portraying him as gay! The horror! Boycott Disney!

Never mind that Aladdin had a character in Jafar that many argue was an alduterer! No the problem with that movie focused in it being about a story from the Middle East.

And never mind that Mufassa is killed by Scar. Who cares about a pesky storyline about killing a brother when the word "sex" appears in the stars!

I mean, it's absurd that there's outcry about trivial things, yet nothing about story points that violate what god handed down as law in the 10 commandments.

This is what's wrong with religion. People focus on the wrong aspects. How about following the principles and doing good to your fellow man?

Stuff that makes me crazy

Friday, March 3, 2017

It's amazing to me that her emails were such a concern. Even though they were thoroughly investigated. That Benghazi was an issue as much as it was.

And meanwhile, he has at least 4 people who had direct ties to Russia, his VP used a private email server that was hacked (and had sensitive information on it), he has an AG who lied under oath, and he has several ongoing scandals - not the least of which are that he got a soldier killed for no real reason, and he has likely violate the emoluments clause for his conflicts of interest.

And yet congress, which has the duty to investigate any and all of these, has decided to simply ignore all of it.

Can you imagine if she had been elected? (oh who am I kidding, that wasn't going to happen! The Russians made sure of that). And had been implicated in any portion of this?

The committees, investigations, and talks of impeachment would have been incessant.

Talk about your double standard.

All I'm asking is that he and his posse be investigated, thoroughly, openly, and without delay. It's time to unravel and undo this. All of it.

Can you imagine if it was Hillary, rather than Trump?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

This is totally cool. NASA found a series of planets outside of our solar system that revolve around a sun, and perhaps some of them could harbor life. This article parses the discovery and announcement.

Watch the video to see more. I love, love, love scientific discovery!

#MakeAmericaSmartAgain Exoplanet discovery: What does Nasa's announcement mean - and should we be excited about TRAPPIST-1?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Here's my issue with the government decision to allow for pollution and increase coal production, coupled with a decision to deny science.

And I can assure you this is not going where you think it is.

I'll look at coal first. The coal industry is dying. While it's nice to say that you want to bring back jobs the reality is that companies in the US have moved on from coal into other things. While you could make a case for it being environmental, it was economics.

Companies - bigger ones that might burn coal - invested in more efficient and less costly items. To go backward to coal would be costly and it's unlikely they will.

Second is the demand for coal from other countries, namely china. Sure you can sell them coal for now. But they announced their plans to move on from coal within the next decade or so, so any gains made in the sale of coal there will be short-lived. Plus, undoubtedly there would be some trade negotiation that would have to happen to make it worthwhile for either side.

And third is that while there may be a demand for coal, the ability to extract it has seen some technological enhancements that require less labor than in years past. And thinking about trade negotiations, supposing a Chinese company bought some mines; would they be content to hire US labor or would they try to outsource it?

And now let's turn to science. Our government has decided science isn't so important. I could go on here and talk about environmental science, but I won't. Instead, I want to talk about the broader sense of science. For some reason, our government doesn't feel science is important on pretty much any level.

It's basic science here. If we are a nation that truly wants to prosper, we should embrace science, scientific evidence, and really promote its growth. Don't muzzle places like the CDC, NASA, and others simply because you don't like some of what they say.

Our prosperity. Our future. Those should hinge on science and evidence based findings. We can ignore them at our peril.

So here's what's likely to happen in the next decade: the US will be backward and uneducated. While other countries that invested in science will prosper. We will be playing catchup to the world - all while having a very short term prosperous moment, because we chose to invest in coal.

No. I say don't muzzle scientists of any sort. Encourage them. Back them. Support them. Let their findings help us develop our future. I don't care if it's climate science or technological advances.

Suppose the next great scientist who revolutionized the world comes from somewhere else? Wouldn't that suck because we're not the greatest? How can we take that chance?

Here's the thing: science edition

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This is what makes science cool. You form a theory based on empirical evidence. Then, you collect new evidence and you refine your theory. Sometimes it turns out that there is a contradiction, or that your initial theory was wrong. But that just causes you to dig deeper.

#MakeAmericaSmartAgain Curiosity Just Sent Back Some Mysterious Inconsistencies

Monday, February 20, 2017

Looking over the landscape of what's happening, consider this:

People being deported, leaves low wage, high labor jobs unfilled.

Removing healthcare and changing rules on labor disproportionately affects lower income Americans.

Removing any remaining consumer/banking protections means lower income Americans will probably find themselves in debt fairly easily.

And with nowhere to turn, they'll have to take the low wage, high labor jobs that are unfilled.

And essentially they become indentured servants to "the man" ensuring that the top 1% return to an era adjacent to the time just after the civil war.

Unless we stop the insanity, of course.

Deep thoughts 3/3 - is this the plan?

I find it interesting that those that don't support el donaldo, and who think he's already gone too far are called "snowflakes" - and yet the orange snowflake can't handle criticism of any kind. Who's the real snowflake here?

Also, the pussyhat wearing crowd has the right to protest. Whether other folks like it or not. And it's such protests that got the right in the first place.

...and its interesting how these protests have been peaceful and well thought out.

Meanwhile I notice that those who oppose it plan protests with guns. It's a faux show of superiority, which is absurd. And when I read though social media posts, el donaldos supporters tend to threaten violence and talk about "support him or its civil war"

What is that?

Deep thoughts 2/3 el Donald's supporters

After the election we were told to give the guy a chance. To prove....something. Perhaps that he was a worthy leader?

He's held the position for about a month and the question is: how much of a chance is anyone suggesting we give him.

I say that time has passed and we've given him enough time. He's proven to be a petulant child, between constantly bickering with everyone and the bullshit fake news that he and his posse keep spouting.

He has appointed unqualified people for positions they have no business holding.

He has been exceptionally harsh on immigration. Now to be fair, I think just allowing people to just stay is not the answer. But I think the rules should be applied evenly to Europeans who are here illegally as well. And to allow for a due process rather than simply sending people to what amounts to limbo.

So yeah, you had a chance to prove your worth. You didn't, so time to have a serious call to action. Come on elected leaders! Wake up!

Deep thoughts 1/3. That's enough of a chance for el Donald

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I read something this morning that mentioned that Florida had an unusual election outcome. The article pointed out that it was "convenient" that the law in Florida was changed in the last several years so that the only person who could call for a recount is the states attorney general, a person who had close ties to trump.

And they pointed that there appears to be some amount of voting irregularity. And here's the thing: they're right.

According to the official totals from the Florida department of elections:
Floridas official turnout was 9,580,489
Votes cast for president were 9,420,039
Votes cast for senate seat were 9,301,820

What gives?

On the surface, what this means is that 160,000 people turned out to vote but did NOT fill in the line for president. In a hotly contested election for president, that does not make sense, does it? I get a ballot, in person or by mail, and I leave the president line blank?

Logically, I would imagine that you could account for some of it because voters didn't mark the ballot properly. And to be fair that's close to 2%, so it's at least possible, statistically speaking. But it still seems unusual.

You could make the case that perhaps they showed up for the down ballot races, but I think you can throw that idea out. The first down ballot item was the senate seat, and its vote total was below the president. I had heard it suggested that medical marijuana drew in the difference. There were about 9.1 million people who voted on that ballot question.

Certainly there could be some confounding: some people may have voted for just the marijuana item, while others may have voted just for president. There is some downloadable data available from the state, so it may be worth a look...but my first glance at it suggests it may not be useful for such an analysis.

So to me, it still seems like something is amiss.

Let's look at this another way. Hillary lost by about 113,000 votes. The number of votes cast for president was about 120,000 more than were cast for the senate. Of course, it's very likely that some voters only showed up to vote for the top of the ticket, so it can be easily explained.

But it is interesting that the top of the ticket won by almost that difference. Of course that could be a coincidence, too. But you get the idea. It is just unusual enough to warrant more discussion than it ever got.

The vote totals in Florida

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kyrie Irving went on a podcast and questioned a lot of things.  Things that are demonstrably fact.  He questioned things like dinosaurs, and the aforementioned flat earth.

Then, he doubled down and said he liked to question things and was amused to see the reaction.

This is dumbassery at its finest.  And this.  This is what is wrong with society.  The. Earth. Is. Not. Flat.  

This kind of nonsense makes me crazy: the world is flat?!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Interesting take on what education means.

What Happens When a Tulane Student Queries Jews' 'Whiteness' - Opinion - Israel News

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

There's an art museum on the moon

Monday, February 13, 2017


Saturday, February 11, 2017

*you* work FOR *me*

Dear President Trump: I Didn't Vote For You. But You're Still MY Bitch Now. Buckle Up.

I can only imagine how he felt.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Yes. This. Russia's ties to Trump. Unlike the bullshit fakery of bowling green. This is real. This is serious. And el donaldo wants you to forget about it.

I won't. And you shouldn't either.

Donald Trump has successfully buried the story that worries him most

I just finished Crescent Dawn. And yes, I checked it out of the library!

While it may not be great literature, it was an entertaining action story. It may be 600 pages but it's an easy read. ;)

Doesn't matter what you read. Just read for fun and enrich yourself!

#ReadYourWorld #BookWorm read on!

On her Facebook page - be a king - Bernice writes this:

10 steps to deal with Trump and take back our democratic government. 

  1. Don't use his name; EVER (45 will do) [later she updated to say whenever, and personally I like el donaldo]
  2. Remember this is a regime and he's not acting alone;
  3. Do not argue with those who support him–it doesn't work;
  4. Focus on his policies, not his orange-ness and mental state;
  5. Keep your message positive; they want the country to be angry and fearful because this is the soil from which their darkest policies will grow;
  6. No more helpless/hopeless talk;
  7. Support artists and the arts;
  8. Be careful not to spread fake news. Check it;
  9. Take care of yourselves; and
  10. Resist!

'Keep demonstrations peaceful. In the words of John Lennon, "When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system's game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight! Because once they've got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don't know how to handle is non-violence and humor."

'When you post or talk about him, don't assign his actions to him, assign them to "The Republican Administration," or "The Republicans." This will have several effects: the Republican legislators will either have to take responsibility for their association with him or stand up for what some of them don't like; he will not get the focus of attention he craves; Republican representatives will become very concerned about their re-elections.'

Words from Bernice King, daughter of MLK

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Devos was confirmed as secretary of education, at least in part because she donated heavily to several senators campaigns.

We may not like it. And she may set out to destroy education. So what can we do?

I suggest a couple of things:
Be vocal with your elected officials, school boards, and others that help with education.

And more importantly, I urge everyone to read more. To learn more. To be critical in their thinking. To take part in your children's education and not leave it to the schools.

We can and should do more to better ourselves.

Read. Learn. Understand.

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