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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What most people miss

The Donald's insistence that the intelligence community is political motivated, or outright lying, serves a deeper purpose than most people realize.

Sure, on the surface it appears that he is trying to promote a point of view that some feel is less than savvy. The problem is that it is fairly savvy. In fact he is doing this to specifically undercut the nature of intelligence and spying in the US. This serves the purpose of having no real counter to Russia's well established spy network and intelligence community.

And it allows Putin to have no major adversary in the west. Perhaps some portions of Europe can still challenge him, but undoubtedly he'll work to undermine them as well.

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The lame list

I can put up with differing points of view, but be prepared to defend your premise; don't just throw something out there without supporting evidence.

And don't bother even starting a conversation if you doubt science, believe in flat earth, doubt the moon landing, or just generally believe in fairytales.

Keep an open mind and maybe get off the internet once in a while....