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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

That fusion gps testimony

There's some wisdom that suggests when you're on an airplane and you experience turbulence, look to the flight attendants. If they are still smiling and serving drinks, there's nothing to worry about. If they return to their seats and look worried, then you should too. 

And so it goes with our government. When things go awry, look to them for clam stewardship. We absolutely had interference in our election from a foreign power. And the petulant child took office. 

The gop didn't bat an eye and doesn't care. The resistance was formed by everyday individuals, who shout from rooftops. That is, mostly activists, and not necessarily government officials. 

And in the meantime most of the dems - the people you might look to for that smile and service of drinks - do sound the alarm; but with the caveat that they do so when asking for a donation. So it's hard to know if they are serious. 

So you look for Obama or Biden to say something...and they rarely do. Those are the two people who might know best, and they are silent. Still smiling to the seated passengers. 

So have to cut through the crap a bit. A lot of noise from both sides. But mostly bluster - and pleas for money. 

Sens Warren and Harris have been a little more vocal and they have put away the drink cart. But they haven't taken their seat yet. 

So we watch.

And then Sen Feinstein releases the transcript of the fusion gps testimony. It's page turning stuff, though it's long. 

A couple of my takeaways: it corroborates what we know about Russian influence. It undermines trumps authority and credibility. It shows how deceitful and perhaps treasonous he likely is. It underscores that he is factually incorrect on many topics, and has lied under oath at times. 

And larger than that, it suggests that many in the gop are complicit in all of this because they accepted money from
Foreign powers as well. 

It's is worth a read. And now that we see the proverbial warning shot, we need (all of us!) to stand up. 

The flight attendants have taken their seats, but for now don't look worried. But that will change once we hit turbulence. 

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