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Saturday, June 15, 2019

It’s all about perspective

Stephenopolous interviews trump. Trump comes off exactly as he is.  See if you can guess which headline came from which source:

Stephonopolous filets trump
Trump calls stephonopolous a little wise guy

Isn’t it amusing how his base just doesn’t care what he says or does.  He is some kind of messiah. 

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The lame list

Stupidity is something I can not tolerate. Here is my current list of dopey attitudes that chafe me. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be one of these:

  • Anti-science
  • Flat earther
  • Faux patriot
  • Blind supporter of anything, or anyone
  • conspiracy theorist
  • Doubt the Moon landing, or call it a hoax
  • Anti-vaxxer
  • Believe in a deep state
  • Pretending to understand something that is enormously complicated, and just oversimplifying it