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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Here's my issue for the day

When did we suddenly become friends with Russia? Look I'm not saying we can't be friendly, or we can't find ways to work together. And certainly - as Hillary demonstrated when she was Secretary of State - there needs to be a reset. But clearly W was wrong when he gazed into Putins eyes and saw a good man.

Now there's information about a hacked election that benefited the Donald. Those who back him or the republican agenda brush it off as "something made of nothing" and rush in with name calling. And I can see in this age of disinformation (again thank you Russian hackers!) its hard to get to the truth.

But no matter where you fall in this issue consider for a moment: how would you feel if it were on the other side? Suppose a hack benefited Hillary. Would you feel different?

Now back to the larger issue. There is a shift in our stance with Russia. But not in a way that necessarily supports US interests. Look at the people the Donald has put around him. From Manaford to Tillson. Many have strong ties to Russia. And either have or would benefit from allying us more closely with Russia.

Then listen to the (ever changing) words of the Donald. While some of his positions have changed, his position on following Russia's lead in foreign policy has not. Leave NATO? Not protect Europe? Support Assad in Syria? Antagonizing china?

I find it interesting that the shift has gone that far. It doesn't support American exceptionalism.

So you can believe the hacking story or delude yourself there's nothing to it. His position on Russia should make you realize there's something to the connection.

And the day he takes the oath of office is the day that America stops being America.

We need to hold up and wait for the investigation to conclude. And really, a new vote is the only way out. And if he wins again, then so be it.

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