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Friday, March 3, 2017

Can you imagine if it was Hillary, rather than Trump?

It's amazing to me that her emails were such a concern. Even though they were thoroughly investigated. That Benghazi was an issue as much as it was.

And meanwhile, he has at least 4 people who had direct ties to Russia, his VP used a private email server that was hacked (and had sensitive information on it), he has an AG who lied under oath, and he has several ongoing scandals - not the least of which are that he got a soldier killed for no real reason, and he has likely violate the emoluments clause for his conflicts of interest.

And yet congress, which has the duty to investigate any and all of these, has decided to simply ignore all of it.

Can you imagine if she had been elected? (oh who am I kidding, that wasn't going to happen! The Russians made sure of that). And had been implicated in any portion of this?

The committees, investigations, and talks of impeachment would have been incessant.

Talk about your double standard.

All I'm asking is that he and his posse be investigated, thoroughly, openly, and without delay. It's time to unravel and undo this. All of it.

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