Sometimes I forget there are two parallel universes here in the US: fact based and rational and alternate facts.

Most of the time, I encounter rational people who understand how things work. But once in a while, I encounter someone who appears moderately normal and engages in conversation....only to suddenly feel superior, and tell me I'm a sheep and spouting nonsense or worse, "liberal talking points."

Recently, I encountered such a person who then proceeded to tell me he'd debate all day. Except apparently he doesn't understand what debate means. A debate is where both of you present your thesis and defend it. I did. He didn't. Looking back I can see I was mildly baited into a discussion just so he could "win." So much winning!!!

Look here are some basic facts about the election:

The Russians sought to influence our elections, and did so.

Though "we" don't know the details, the intelligence community has told us it was more than influence.

The election machines in 21 states were hackable. Whether they were during the election is still unknown, but a post Morton in the election data and information that was leaked from the NSA certainly would suggest that at least some of them were.

In those and a few other states, election databases were hacked. The DNC was hacked, by Russia. There was - a few days ago - the inadverted posting of all voter information.

Many members of the trump campaign are under investigation for topics ranging from collusion, obstruction of justice, lying under oath, and/or money laundering to name a few. I will tell you that it is unknown whether trump himself is actually under investigation for any of these. But as the top of the ticket and the most ties to Russia himself, it's at least possible that he is, particularly where it comes to money laundering.

That's reality.

But there's an alternate reality where all of this is contrived, and trump is doing great things. The problem is that he has yet to sign a single piece of meaningful legislation. To actually have a real accomplishment.

Because his game is to distract and deflect while he gets rich, while violating the principle of the emolument clause, which congress refuses to consider in reality.

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