Stop trumpcare! Contact these States to help people with disabilities.

If you know anyone in these states below please ask them to contact their senator to help people with disabilities of any age from 0 – 100+ years old.

            Alaska -Lisa Murkowski   (202) 224-6665  AND  David Sullivan  (202) 224-3004

Arizona -Jeff Flake (202) 224-4521

Arkansas- Tom Cotton (202) 224-2353

           Colorado - Cory Gardner (202) 224-5941

Louisiana- Bill Cassidy (202) 224-5824

Ohio- Rob Portman (202) 224-3353

Maine -Susan Collins (202) 224-2523

Nevada -Dean Heller (202) 224-6244

Pennsylvania- Pat Toomey (202) 224-4254

West Virginia - Shelley Moore Capito (202) 224-6472

 The US Senate is now drafting a revision to the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that would hurt Medicaid--and hurt people with disabilities who rely on Medicaid.

Please contact your Senator with the following message:


Under existing law, people on Medicaid--including thousands children and adults with disabilities--have a RIGHT to certain services that Medicaid funds. The Senate is considering imposing "per capita caps" or "block grants" on Medicaid. These would ELIMINATE THE RIGHT to certain services that people with disabilities on Medicaid currently have, because it would limit the funds available for such services. Please OPPOSE PER CAPITA CAPS and OPPOSE BLOCK GRANTS.


You can find contact info for all senators at

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