Interesting indeed

The news cycle is moving so fast and so much is happening. It's hard to keep up with all of it. And it's easy to make a silly mistake or follow an incorrect piece of info - or to assume something.

But what we do know is that there was more than "influence" in our election. There was an actual effort to undermine it, from a foreign power. And congress shrugs. Because apparently that's what corruption does.

At least we have few people willing to try and hold onto/restore our democracy.

Rosenstein hired Mueller and gave him broad powers to look for the truth. What was the extent of the election hack? Was the administration complicit? Was there foreign money used? How deep does it go? Etc.

So far, there have been a number of indictments, lots of subjects and targets, and we appear to be headed toward an issue related to money and collusion.

And the fool who sits in the Oval Office says it's a witch hunt.

Which is absurd.

The grand jury work, the publicly available information, and the wording on the indictments and court orders speak to it being quite the opposite.

And so yesterday, we had an extraordinary event - a warrant was issued to go into his attorneys office and gather information. This isn't exactly easy to get, and suggests a deeper issue - attorney client Privilege can be invalidated in the event a crime had been committed. That is, the attorney can not shield the clients crime.

What prompted this is the subject of much speculation, but it probably relates to comments by both men about payments in the Stormy case.

And so here we are. We have no idea what may happen next.

But what we do know is the trumpeters all rally around mueller exceeding his mandate.

He hasn't. But let's assume for a minute he has (though I must repeat, broad powers, he hasn't). Getting the ability to raid the attorneys office would suggest there is, in fact, a crime.

So are they saying that it's okay if he committed a crime? Mueller found something but he shouldn't have so forget about it. You can't have it both ways.

And let's not forget, the man who got the search warrant is the USAG for southern New York. This man was interviewed and hired BY Trump. I guess he forgot to take his loyalty pledge. Because upholding the rule of law is more important than the nitwit who wants blind loyalty.

Any sane and rational person would agree with the ongoing investigation. Would say "hey if our democracy is under attack we need to fix that!" And if he has nothing to hide, then he has nothing to worry about.

But this guy. He's doing the opposite which has the amusing effect of making him appear guilty. Whether he is not, we don't know. But he could look less so if he wasn't so defiant. And didn't surround himself with corrupt people.

And that's the world we live in...

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