Yeah, that makes so much sense - Hannity edition

Hannity is a blowhard. He never went to college, and somehow managed to make a "successful" career in entertainment tv. I know not everyone needs to go to college, but in his chosen line of work, he has to form opinions. And without an educational backing, he lacks basic skills to interpret and share what he hears.

But I guess he says what a segment of the population is thinking, and wants to hear, so it works. Even if it is an uninformed and very prejudiced point of view.

And he makes a lot of money doing it. All the while he clamors for the spotlight. He headlines events, he gives talks, he likes being the center of attention.

And that's fine. I may not like him, but he's got a niche and an audience.

But then we find out he's also a real estate investor, and (ab)uses the HUD program. And he asks why we don't thank him for investing in inner city neighborhoods.

Two things occurred to me here: mister-I-clamor-for-the-spotlight expects us to believe he did this for the greater good, and without seeking any attention for it. I'm not buying that. And thank you for using the system to your white privileged advantage? Come on.

But the bigger issue is how he got into the business, and who he used to "answer a few questions." No one gets into these types of real estate transactions, on this scale, with this many shell companies, using federal money, in this many states without hiring a lawyer. And as far as we know, Michael Cohen is the lawyer he used for this business.

And Cohen was....not paid?

That boggles the mind.

Whatever other connections Hannity has with Cohen and/or trump we can set aside for a minute. It seems clear that Cohen was helping Hannity in the real estate business, without getting paid.

What is up with that?

And now returning to the deeper connections, what did Hannity give in kind? Was it just good publicity or was it more? Like having a dialog "as a journalist" with Russian officials?

This is a really strange find along the way.

BTW, in looking for a picture to use on this post, I noticed something: he only has one expression. It's bizarre. Almost like the wood maker never finished craving him before he became a real boy (and not s marionette)

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