Fearmomgering, dissociation, and reality #MakeAmericaSmartAgain

Remember that you should vote for your own best interests. Not for party. Not for the guy/gal who says what they want you to believe. Vote for the person who will represent you.

Lately we’ve been hearing about the migrant caravan.  It’s coming. It’s dangerous. The want to destroy “our” way of life.

Let’s assume for a moment that this reporting is accurate. First off, does it pass the “sniff test?”  Does it seem logical?  Okay let’s suppose for a moment that the reporting is compelling enough, and enough people are shouting it that it sounds plausible.

What’s the plan exactly?  People - including women and children - are traveling many hundreds of miles mostly on foot. They have limited rations, and surely they are tired. Are they going to make a big rush across the border? Miles and miles of desert to get...to...where?

Who remembers their civil war history?  In the turning point of the war we had the battle of Gettysburg. One of the big moments came when the confederate army called in more troops. A contingent (I think from NC) travelled many hundreds of miles on foot to reach PA, over the course of a few days. They were well trained, in good physical condition, and supplied well enough to make them ready reinforcements. They had a mere couple of hours rest, and were put into battle as part of “Pickett’s charge” - a full out assault on union positions. They lost. Decisively.

Do you think a group from Central America would fare better with objectives that are completely unclear?

Besides the group size is estimated to be under 7,000.  Think about how many people live in your city. I think that border patrol and the police can handle a group that size. Thousands of troops are required to handle this? Yeah no.

You can educate yourself on the caravan here. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-45951782

But what of the Muslim terrorists who are reported to be among them? Hmmm. A group that speaks Spanish and native dialects welcomes in people who don’t speak the language and are, what, brandishing guns? Sounds unlikely.

Meanwhile in what I like to call the “real world” we have actual people committing actual crimes against fellow Americans. Often with guns. But because they don’t fit the narrative (they’re white rather than middle eastern) they are ignored.

Wake up and pay attention! The threat is not from the boogey man, it’s from these nationalists who believe they are better than everyone else.

Arm yourself with knowledge.

Don’t vote for them. Vote blue. Don’t encourage the hate. 

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