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Friday, November 30, 2018

Payless fools influencers with a fake store #FakeNews at its finest

Be wary of stories that seem to run counter to what you know. Payless showed off how it easy to be duped if you suspend your disbelief.

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All about "the witch hunt"

The lame list

Stupidity is something I can not tolerate. Here is my current list of dopey attitudes that chafe me. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be one of these:

  • Anti-science
  • Flat earther
  • Faux patriot
  • Blind supporter of anything, or anyone
  • conspiracy theorist
  • Doubt the Moon landing, or call it a hoax
  • Anti-vaxxer
  • Believe in a deep state
  • Pretending to understand something that is enormously complicated, and just oversimplifying it