Sunday, September 23, 2018

Be true to who you are.

I wound up watching what I thought might be an interesting show called Timeless which had aired on NBC for a couple of seasons; ostensibly it's about time travel.

I had to suspend a lot of disbelief and their time travel nonsense was silly. But it was an okay show with a couple of running themes.

One was about an old-as-the-country organization that was controlling everything in history.

That's an intriguing plot point and I found it clever and a little cute.

But the stupidity of time travel and the lack of action in many situations by the protagonists was irritating me. I almost stopped watching.

But to me, there was a more interesting running theme that kept me watching.

The plot point was about the millionaire inventor who came up with the time machine. He lost his edge and couldn't do anything technical. And he loses his fortunes.

Over time, he starts to regain his skill by working at it and in the scene that made me laud the show (even though I started to really dislike it) was one where he and another engineering type were faced with long odds and a big problem, and they struggled to stay focused.

He says to the guy "We're engineers. We solve problems. It's what we do." 

And went on to tell the other guy they need to focus on the task at hand.

They naturally save the day.

But nevertheless the line resonated with me.

I am an engineer, but I don't flex my engineer mind, the muscle that makes me who I am.

In short, I have forgotten what it is to be engineer.

I need to rebuild those skills, to focus on the task at hand and solve problems.

Thanks random mediocre tv show for helping me find my way again.

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