Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Read about the candidates, and vote for the ones that has your interests at heart

Elections always have consequences. I would urge us all to consider that as we think about Florida’s senate and gubernatorial races.

Political parties have been upended and its hard to just say that you want to vote along party lines “just because”...take some time to consider the candidates and what they do, who they are, what they stand for, and what they have - or haven’t done - for you.

First the senate race.  I will agree that Bill Nelson is somewhat underwhelming. In a state this size, we should have someone that speaks loud and has an ability to get people to rally around him.  But, he has *quietly* stood up for Floridians.  He has made efforts to represent Puerto Rico when others just dismiss it.  He cares about his constituents and has relished his service.

On the other hand, you have Rick Scott. I have never been impressed with him.  Personally, I think he’s a tool.  He won his first governorship with a mere 37% or so of the vote total.  And did just slightly better the next time out.

He ran on a campaign platform of “I was never convicted” which is kind of sad.  You have nothing better to say about yourself?

Read more about that here:

And here:

As far as his time in office, here are a couple of key items.  For being someone who was in the healthcare business, he never helped Floridians, with a fair number of people who are near the poverty line and senior citizens who could use more.  Except of course his wife’s (nudge, nudge) private healthcare business got rich.


Also, there’s Transportation in this state to consider.  We have no comprehensive plan for a state this large.  Who’s to blame?  You might say it’s Scott:

And as for gun violence, don’t get me started.  The MSD incident happened close to home, and his response to that, to the nightclub in Orlando, and to Jacksonville shooting has been pathetic. We need some better answers than “thoughts and prayers”....we need leaders who will stand up and fight for common sense in gun regulations.  He is not that guy.

The list goes on.  Gambling.  Tourism.  The algae bloom.  On that last one, you might read this:

It’s just all too much, and he should never make it to the senate.

He is reaching out to Spanish’s speakers of late, but don’t be fooled.  He doesn’t care about you, he only wants your vote.  Consider this article, and realize that if he did care about Puerto Rican voters he could have done something about it:
Judge Orders Florida Officials To Provide Sample Ballots In Spanish

Consider what he has done, and how he has helped you.

And if you see his attack ads against Nelson, consider them carefully.  They’re very “nuanced”messages designed to push a button. But they are dishonest and misleading.  Do a little homework and please don’t take them at face value.

Now on to the governors race.  There has never been (at least in my memory) two candidates who are such opposites.

You have a guy in Andrew Gillum who has the peoples interests at heart. I hate labels, but you can call him a lot of things (progressive, for example), and they’re probably accurate.  After Scott, we need someone who will look out for all of us - not just the wealthy donors.

And he’s up against a former congressman Ron deSantis, who literally just quit his congressional job to focus on this you surely can’t count on him staying with things, can you?

He’s a trump endorsed guy.  He is a racist, a guy who doesn’t like Hispanics, a xenophobe, an nra guy (hello? You won’t find any sort of common sense gun regulations here), and a guy who will do nothing more than promote special interests and screw us, the people.

He’s anti-immigration and yet his family came here via the policies he doesn’t like:

So what’s good for him is bad for you and me.  Think about that. 

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