Text Messages to Jewish Voters Inflame Tense Florida Governor’s Race - The New York Times

So, ummm, yeah. Where to begin...

* They target people with Jewish sounding last names.
* They sent text messages, but where and how did they get those numbers?
* Desantis' team is behind it, and says gillums running mate is anti Semitic....hmmm the same desantis who took a holocaust denier as his guest to the state of the union?
* the comment by the running mate could maybe be construed as insensitive. But really?
* so a comment made by a dem candidate years ago are proof that he is something. But an allegation about the activities (possibly criminal) of a Supreme Court justice appointed by an rep are to be discounted as not mattering. I see...
* does the campaign not realize that this might actually offend people?



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