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Monday, May 22, 2017

#hackedvote #illegitimate Wisconsin Recount: The Alex Halderman Affidavit on Russian Hacking

Need more corroborating evidence that the machines themselves may have been hacked? Here's an interesting nugget that got lost in November.

The salient point is in the graphic.

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The lame list

Stupidity is something I can not tolerate. Here is my current list of dopey attitudes that chafe me. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be one of these:

  • Anti-science
  • Flat earther
  • Faux patriot
  • Blind supporter of anything, or anyone
  • conspiracy theorist
  • Doubt the Moon landing, or call it a hoax
  • Anti-vaxxer
  • Believe in a deep state
  • Pretending to understand something that is enormously complicated, and just oversimplifying it