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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#ThisIsNotADrill our democracy is at stake #TimeForAction #CallYourRep #IndependentInvestigation

Trump firing Comey is a direct assault on democracy.

Maybe he (el donaldo) did something wrong and has something to hide. Or maybe not.  But his firing of Comey as the head of the FBI looks like it's intended to stop any investigation into his dealings.  The problem is that if it's stands unchecked, then we are potentially allowing authoritarianism to rise.

The checks and balances are there for this reason, to not allow him to go completely unchecked. Look, even if you're deluded enough to think he's great, I would argue that simply an investigation into the firing and handling of Comey should warrant a second look. Like I said, maybe he did nothing wrong.  But we have to know that before it's too late.

Comey told us there was an active investigation looking at the ties between trump and Russia. And then Comey got fired. Trump must not be allowed to simply stifle anyone who dares oppose him. And his spokespeople must be held accountable for saying it's time to move on from Russia just because Comeywad fired.

Call your senators and congressman/woman
Send them a fax.
Tweet them.
Email them.

Do whatever it takes

Here's an easy way to fax them.

Here's how to find your congressperson

And your senator

We need an independent investigation into the dealings of trump.  We the people demand answers. We need to know that there are no ties to Russia, no influence, and the whole mess that started on November 8th (we'll really before that) is simply due to the will of the people, and not because of some shady business. And that it does not continue to be some shady shnizzle. 

Do something. Act now.

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