Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bitchin' Dave's Newsletter - May 21

 Dave’s Musings

I saw this and it got me to thinking... the land around Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City is a blight of parking lots - which are only used 10 times a year, or so.  That land could be used for so much more, so many better things.

Looks like the Artemis vehicle had some issues with its heat shield that need to be resolved. 

What continues to surprise and amaze me is that the old world NASA contractors are relying on what was learned during the Apollo missions, and trying to extend on those things. 

But technology has advanced significantly during those 50 years, but they're not really using those advancements "smartly"

To be fair, it's not that they're using technology from 50 years ago, it's more that they are using concepts learned from that era, rather than trying new things. 


I read two articles about Alzheimer's recently...the first was about some some things you can do to help yourself; and most notably diet and exercise are at the top of the list.

The second suggests that the effects can perhaps be mitigated through aromatherapy of all things! Right now, the focus is on menthol, but certainly there could be other findings in the future.



This is a long form article about the guy who was at the heart of the proxy fight.  I'll let you read it and form your own opinions.  But I will leave you with this: this is the kind of person we need to hear less from in society.

Perhaps Disney could do more to help itself, but the specific things he points out are....pretty old man thinking.

A vegan cheese won an award for being an excellent cheese, and so dairy farmers conspired to disqualify the winner because its not made with milk and therefore not cheese.

People get so hung up on trivial things - cheese, milk, beef, chicken, these are all words we are familiar with and have a specific meaning in general. But why can't these things include both plant and animal based products?

Just label it accordingly, and list the ingredients. 

I am not sure why it matters.  Andrew Zimmern in his "Bizarre Foods" show used to use the tagline "if it looks good, eat it" which I think sums this up well.

Personally, I don't eat mammals, but I will eat eggs and cow/sheep/goat milk products.  Some of the plant based alternatives are okay, but most of them I don't care for.  But if someone wants to eat animal products - or cares not to eat any of them - why do I care?

Latest video

I've got some thoughts about Tesla the company, and some recent decisions.


One Little Spark … 

Recently, I posted a video about charging my EV, and then leaving it outside in the heat; the fans ran and it drained the battery a bit - which meant I had to charge along the way home (if it had remained near to 100%, I wouldn't have had to stop).

Innocuous, but interesting, and thats why I posted a video. Except that there was a very strange series of comments that came in.

The first was that "EVs are gay" because apparently middle school taunts are where its at. As if that somehow is an insult?

“EVs are a scam.” “I don't ever want to worry about charging.” And so on...

Then it shifted to some mildly personal attacks and “I’m a sheeple and do what I’m told” …

...until we got to the inevitable: “the government can't tell me what to do. I'm never driving one!” Which descended further into a bit of a rabbit hole, until I turned off comments.

The government can't tell me what to do. Except, of course, that they can and do... and when its something that you agree with for whatever reason, then its okay.

It’s so strange the way we've decided to draw lines in the sand about some topics and defend them with fervor. Even when it really is out of context...I was talking about my specific experience with something that I chose to purchase. And it turned into something unexpected and weird.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Sunday, May 19, 2024

This bugs me

Every year, we hear some inane story about some prodigy who applies to very many colleges and gets accepted into most/all of them. 

And of course, they can only actually attend - checks notes - one of them.   

I have no issue if a prospective student applies to several, because you are playing against odds. 

But in this case, there are somewhere around 110 qualified students who applied to these universities - but were rejected because this kid wanted to be a show off ass about it. 

And of course, that says nothing of the offered scholarships that are unlikely to be given to the next student who has a real need. 

It's stupid.  

Thursday, May 16, 2024