Monday, March 30, 2020

More on the turds in office.

The party of no, the one that is so pro life, the one that promotes gun violence as a solution for everything, the one that can't really be bothered to try and help Americans dying from this virus, is at it again.

There's a cruise ship that was off the coast of Chile. Cases of the virus were reported on board among passengers and crew. Chile denied them access to the port.

They anchored while looking for another port. More cases. Some deaths.

They finally got port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale to agree to let the ship dock, subject to a number of rules, and that the owner of the line would pay for any expenses.

People in the area objected, but they pressed ahead.

Then the Panama Canal Zone said no. Can't pass through. More days pass. More people get sick.

Finally Panama agreed to allow the ship to pass "for humanitarian reasons" and it either has gone through, or will soon.

In any case, the city and port started putting up new rules for the ship to dock.

And then the governor. A trump loving republican. Decided the ship can't come to Florida because we can't have other people coming here.

Some are Americans. Some are sick. Regardless, there are dead and dying on board.

And the party of pro life says "nah. We don't want you here. Good luck"

Again. Why does anyone believe a single word they espouse?

Though I'm sure Republican Jesus (TM) would probably approve.

Remind me again why anyone votes for these turds?

During the debate over the stimulus bill, Dems introduced a provision to allow for vote-by-mail, so people don't have to risk coronavirus exposure to exercise their right to vote.

Many of the Rs objected, but none more than the dotard.  He called into his favorite talk show (you know cause he's not busy doing anything important) and was setup with a question  about "special interest projects" added to coronavirus relief bills.

"The things they had in there were crazy. They had levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again."

Yep. Voting would oust republicans. That's what he said. 

But he's not alone. Rep. Thomas Massie tweeted that "Universal vote by mail would be the end of our republic as we know it." Ah yes the old dog whistle about anyone other than rich white people voting.  

And in related news, last year House Democrats introduced a bill making Election Day a holiday for federal workers and "providing election administration assistance." 

You probably remember that Moscow Mitch poopooed it as a "power grab" by Democrats. 

Nah. You can't have people voting. That's bad.  

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Biden ad

If you can’t see how trump is actively working to keep us all in the dark, to allow Americans to die, then there is no hope for you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I have an idea about a volunteer...

Seeing this story, here's an idea: let's start with trump as the grandpa who's willing to risk his life, as sort of a test case.

And once we see how it works out, we can go from there.

Anyone know if he's interested?

By the way, wasn’t it this same group of people who warned of “death panels” under Obamacare? And now they’re making unilateral decisions without even having the decency of a panel.

These folks are unreal. Why anyone. Any. One. Votes for these old white guys with the stupidest motivations is beyond me...

Sunday, March 22, 2020

SE Cupp compares Trump crisis response to Obama and Bush

This. He’s unfit, and should be removed from office.

This should be the moment where people realize he’s not fit to lead

Not that there haven’t been others, but this one, at a moment where we need someone to lead and reassure us all that things will work out, he fails miserably.  Heck tell us we’re Americans and we’re resilient.  Tell us you have a plan.  Heck, talk about how you great you are.  But whatever you do, don’t dismiss the question, and move on.

“What can you do to reassure Americans?”

“You’re a terrible reporter”

If we apply the logic that he only says things to apply to him, then he’s a terrible occupier of the Oval Office.  Cause he ain’t (and has never been) a president.

He’s unfit and inept.

How anyone can still support this reality tv persona and expect he’s doing *anything* other than being that persona, how they can believe this isn’t only about ego and their own ignorance....sigh.  This is what we’ve become.  The great nation that has mostly been stewarded by people who would stand tall in big moments and tell us we will get through this, who believed in American exceptionalism, has mostly succumbed to this con man, who is only in it for himself.

I know, I’m yelling into the wind. Facts are in your face, yet you ignore them and listen to whatever shit spills out of his mouth.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

It’s always about money

I just read the article linked below. In summary, there's a bullshitty fringe group that is taking on established science.

Why would they do this? Given the theme of the article, I would argue its about money (and power). The head "mismanaged" the money and now they're having to lay people off. 

And the major oil companies stopped funding this junk science. So there's not as much money coming in (because, you know, they figured out climate change is real and they're contributing to it). 

They note that one of the climate change denier scientists they wanted to use is a whackadoodle pedaphile. 

But one of the most amusing points made is that they brought in a 19 year old to be the antithesis of Greta Thunberg - you know the student activist who is bringing attention to global climate change?

Yeah, heartland *hired* her to be the voice of anti-science. And she turned out to have ties to a neo Nazi group. 

Because that's apparently how this works these days. Don't vet anyone, just put people out there to represent your cause. 

So they actively try and discredit science to promote an agenda that's profitable. Delightful. 

So as a note to the wise reader, be careful with information you hear. There is no "other side" to science. Sure there can be (educated) guesses (and lots of debate) as to what caused it and how to combat it. But don't doubt the core science. 

People are constantly lying to get your money - or money that could be otherwise spent to help you and secure your future. Don't let them get away with it. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Star Trek Picard

We're 8 episodes into the 10 episode arc of the life of Jean-Luc Picard, well after the voyages of the Next Generation.  And I have to say that I'm finding it totally enjoyable.

Jean Luc (or annoyingly "JL") starts off as a broken old man, working in the vineyards after his stint in Starfleet, and some less-than-stellar experiences in the end.  Its interesting to see him develop his character and act less aged, and regain that spark that made him the inimitable captain.

The crew is interesting and has a fair amount of depth to them.  You feel something for them, and its worth it in a way. 

And I love the way it connects to the treks that came before.  There's a link to Voyager, and 7 of 9.  There's a link to TOS and the way the Romulans were presented.  You've got the Vulcan/Romulan link.  There's the Irumadic syndrome Picard has, and that we learn about in the last episode of Next Gen.  There's a link to Hugh the individual Borg.  There's a link to the AI in Discovery (or at least there seems to be).

And then there's Soji, the android, who appears to be related to Data - or is it Lore?

And there surely is some connection back to Q.  All the signs point that way.

Now its fun to go back and watch various episodes of TNG, VOY, and TOS that are called out in the story.  It helps understand this complicated story.  Its really cool.

As for the comment that this is somehow not trek, I have to disagree.  This is certainly not TNG - this is a darker, more pessimistic concept.  Certainly after war with the Borg, the Dominion, and other events, this has to have reshaped the utopia. 

And besides, there are certainly undertones of this darker world in the other shows - but they are presented in a more subtle way in general.  They just don't dwell on it.  Corruption, double agents, conniving, deceit. These were all shown in Starfleet.  And DS9 was no walk in the park; it was certainly dark and had an unusual tone.  So this is an extension of that.

I would say overall that CBS has done a really amazing job with the Star Trek franchise.  I have to imagine that Gene Roddenberry would be surprised at what its become - but you have to change with the times.  Maybe he would have seen that too.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Trumps continuing failure. Our national nightmare.

I posted recently that Mr Trump is failing in his response to the Coronavirus.

I wanted to expand in this a little.

He was ill-prepared to handle it. He reduced funding for responding to any global threat, and eliminated high-ranking roles that were established under Obama.

And then, he proceeds to blame Obama for this. Which (a) is false and (b) is something he could have rectified, I dunno, anytime in the three years since he took the job. So blaming someone else from many years ago is an outright lie. This comes right back to "this isn't my fault" blame shifting.

Then, there's his talks, like the one shown in this picture. This is a public health crisis. But never one to miss a bit of self promotion, he's wearing his stupid fucking hat. And at some point during his ramblings, he talks about how great he is and how he understands this stuff, and maybe how he could have been a doctor (that's how I interpreted it, others thought he meant something else).

How Bout caring about Americans who may get sick and die, rather than just about yourself?

And finally, the CDC, as it does, creates their worst-case scenario. This type of information had previously been made public for other crises. Because, of course, their job is to be scientists. To gather information, so informed decisions can be made by public and private health organizations.

But in this case, they were instructed not to release it. A copy leaked to the N.Y. Times. They called the CDC with questions, and were greeted with questions about how they obtained it - and were told outright that questions would have to go through the Whitehouse.

Information that should be made available to the public is now being politicized. Specifically for trumps gain.

He does not care about anything or anyone. Except of course himself. He wants to be re-elected and be made supreme leader. And the only way he can accomplish this is by controlling the information and lying to us.

So as I said before, if you are still buying what this snake oil salesman is touting then its on you.

You are part of a cult.

Saturday, March 14, 2020


The juxtaposition is jarring. Truman felt responsible for everything that happened under his watch.

Trump not so much. Whatever it is, it's not his fault. He didn't do it. Just watch yesterday's press conference for a lesson on how *not* to lead.

Anyone who still believes in this guy is simply a lost cause at this point. Trump has nothing to offer - and has failed, miserably, at managing a crisis.

He himself has been enraged that this virus is affecting his re-election chances. Not that people are sick. Not that we have a pandemic. Not even that our economy could (and will!) suffer.

He was mildly concerned that the market was down, but only because he was pinning part of his campaign on the fact that the economy is great!

He's a selfish fool. "Me! Me! Me!" Is all he's got. And if you don't see it, then please go buy more toilet paper and fill your ears with it.

"The buck stops here" is a phrase popularized by U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign with the phrase on his desk in the Oval Office. The phrase refers to the notion that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Who wins here?

This came into my mailbox a couple of days ago. 

They can say what they want. The reality is that the marlins don't have to pay parking attendants, and get the city to manage the parking situation (as I recall the city gets $10 per space filled, based on the original deal, so the marlins make $5 with no cost). 

And this eliminates the resale market, meaning they always make the money. 

We heard you and we are here to improve your experience.
Marlins Fans
March 4, 2020 View as web page
New Free Flow Parking at Marlins Park
We heard you and we are here to improve your experience.
The Miami Marlins are pleased to introduce Free Flow Parking which will ease the arrival experience to Marlins Park for Marlins games and other ballpark events. Free Flow Parking will be convenient for event attendees; aimed to mitigate traffic and congestion around the ballpark, and provide event attendees quicker access to ballpark amenities and the action on the field. In partnership with Miami Parking Authority, the Marlins will become the first professional sports team to offer full on-site free-flow parking which uses a vehicle's license plate as the credential for parking on event days.

With this exciting announcement, we are also resetting the price of parking for Marlins home games. Fans who pre-purchase parking at will pay $15 for the 2020 season, excluding Opening Day.
Learn More
Free Flow Parking will:
  • Miami Parking Authority will validate parked vehicles rather than collect payments or scan parking passes at parking facility entrances
  • Allow event attendees to pre-register their license plate and pay for parking in advance via or the Parking icon on Marlins Page of the MLB Ballpark App
  • Allow event attendees who don't pre-register a vehicle license plate to register and pay for parking on site using the PayByPhone App or on-site pay stations located in each parking garage lobby
  • Remove the need for cashiers and allow for greater focus on guest experience from service staff
  • Allow event attendees who fail to register a vehicle license plate and receive a promissory note during the event to pay the event parking fee within 24 hours before the promissory note converts to a $36 City of Miami parking violation citation
  • Reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption with shorter wait-times and less idling upon entering parking facilities in conjunction with additional green initiatives, including newly installed electric car charging stations and bike share kiosks
2020 Opening Day
© 2020 MLB Advanced Media, L.P. MLB trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of Major League Baseball. Visit Any other marks used herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Trump is wrong and endangering everyone.

The coronavirus starts and there's a lot of nonsense coming out from the whitehouse. 

Then it spreads, and as a nation we're looking for leadership. Someone to calm the fears. And when that doesn't happen, the news media breathlessly runs stories about how bad this and starts a panic. And the population starts stocking up as though the end of the world is near. 

Because they're looking for someone to selflessly act and show us the right way to react. 

It's certainly not the fool in the Oval Office. He says it's a hoax. Which helps no one. And because of his cuts and neutering of agencies that are equipped to deal with this, he has no real plan. He asks for money - but why not just reallocate from his insipid wall. No. Heaven forbid! I'm sure he's using the "caravans of people bringing the virus that we need to keep out."

And he assigns mike pence to somehow lead an effort to combat this. The very same mike pence who blundered his way through several health crises while governor of Indiana. 

Meanwhile his own son (Donnie jr) posits a theory that this is somehow a conspiracy to hurt daddy's re-election chances. 

And trump lets it go. Saying nothing. And absurd people  with a platform are espousing similar conspiracy theories that this is contrived or as trump said "a hoax."

Meanwhile his "tell" is that he looks afraid when you see him. He's a germaphobe and surely this scared him. But he talks tough, while saying nothing. 

This is real life. People are scared. People are dying. If he can't take it seriously, then he must be removed him from office. (This is another in a long list of reasons). 

His ineptitude here will lead the country to ruin. 

Do people care? Will people figure out he's actively endangering them? 

He plans to hold his rallies because...yeah. 

Wake up people. His cowardice and blustering here should make you see what he really is: a scared little man who is in way over his head. 

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Charge on!

As my own kids head off to college, I'm reminded of my own experiences at university.

I got my bachelors degree from UCF, and stayed on for my masters. But here's the thing: I got those degrees in the late 80s/early 90s, when UCF was still finding its way after fairly recently moving on from being Florida Technological University.

As an aside, UCF continues to grow, and they are trying very hard to recruit students. But many still think of it as "second tier" behind Florida and Florida State. (To be fair, one of my sons friends eschewed her chance to go to Florida in favor of UCF. She's always welcome to drop by, while those gators and seminoles aren't!)

It's a funny thing when I look at it. I started off at the University of Miami. That was where my dad went. It was the local school. It was home in some ways. But it turned out not to be right for me, and the expense was hard on me and my parents.

So I dropped out and looked for a new school. I wasn't interested in Florida or FSU; at the time they didn't fit me. USF was an option. And there were a few out-of-State schools I considered, and got into.

But in the end, UCF worked for a bunch of reasons. Certainly in-state tuition was a plus. But it was amazing how the university was small but growing. There was a ton of research going on, and they were recruiting professors like crazy. And had adjunct faculty from industries. So it has a richness you weren't likely to find elsewhere.

There's a scene in "Hidden Figures" where one of the main characters wants to attend college but can't because segregation is an issue. She persuades a judge to let her take classes because someone has to be first.

I felt kind of like that. UCF could only grow if some of us - the kids who could go elsewhere but might choose it for own reasons - went there and succeeded. We had to be first.

The experience overall was good, but there were stops and starts, goods and bads. I had lots of opportunities, and there was always research available. But it was a spit of land on the east side of town, near little forgotten towns, and far from the flashy theme parks.

I graduated, took a job for a few months and decided to go back to grad school. I hadn't moved, so why not UCF? I knocked on doors until I got a research project I wanted: a nasa funded study. Cool. I was part of something. And maybe that's why I think of hidden figures?

(And this is why I find the connection between UCF and the space center so interesting)

That experience was great. I learned more in that 18 months than I did anytime after. Both in the classroom and beyond.

I look back on it fondly. I did consider staying on to get a PhD, but the timing was wrong and I moved on.

Did I make the right choices along the way? I can't look back with regret. So yes, I think I did.

Today, no one asks where my degree is from unless it's in a broader context. Sometimes being a knight makes an interesting connection. But I find that living in south Florida, saying I attended Miami (technically I'm considered an alumnus even though I don't hold a degree from there) makes better connections.

Not that I am dismissive of where my degree is from. It's just interesting to me how some people think of UCF as second tier while others don't. And Miami is pretty universally respected.

But I have two degrees in engineering from a school I mostly enjoyed.

People can think what they want. I lived my collegiate life to the fullest.

So "charge on!"