Monday, July 15, 2024

Chaos at “the rock”

Hard rock stadium was the site of the copa America final, matching Colombia against Argentina in soccer. 

The game sold out, so 66,000 fans were expected. 

Only, it would appear that the stadium itself was not ready for that crowd, or their general behavior. As you can see in the attached articles, people had plans to go to the game, whether or not they had tickets. 

There were many instances of people trying to get in - from just rushing security, to climbing over a ticket booth to jump onto a ramp, to breaking an AC duct and climbing in that way - they were determined. 

By some estimates, more than 7,000 people made it into the stadium through those breaches. 

But the police and stadium security didn't know how to respond. So they simply shut the gates, trapping fans in a potentially dangerous crowd at the entrances. Oh and that didn't stop the determined people - only those that were following the rules. 

When they did let people in again, the chaos resumed. A bunch of people never had their tickets scanned, and there are reports of people being pushed, though not trampled or crushed. 

At some point, the stadium management made a decision that they were "at capacity" and closed the gates again. But this time, you had people on the outside with valid tickets who weren't allowed in.  

The game itself was delayed for about an hour and a quarter, while they sorted this all out. 

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. And there wasn't anyone looking to cause other sorts of mayhem. But you can see how easily that kind of thing could have happened. 

This is a failure in the stadium. It reflects badly on soccer, and Miami. And there are future large scale events (including a World Cup in 2 years time) that now need special attention. 

While you can blame very many failures on many people and groups, at the end of the day the stadium is owned by Stephen Ross. He gets public money for events that are hosted at the stadium. The failures and any subsequent fallout should be directed at him. 

For whatever reason, plans were not made to host this event or provide adequate security and safety measures. And that should be all on him. 

Of course, to this point, he hasn't been mentioned and is keeping quiet. Shame on him. 

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Freedom is never really free

Setting aside the silliness of the agenda and the absurd rhetoric that comes out of Tallahassee (and one particular idiot specifically), I find this a little amusing. 

Recall that during antebellum period, there were "slave states" and "free states."  Florida was squarely in the "slave state" category (and proud of it!). 

And keep in mind that while the Florida state flag purports to evoke the Spanish imperial flag with the red lines crossing on a white background, the fact that the jagged parts are missing suggests that Florida also wanted to (however subtly) recall its own past as a "slave state" and being part of the south. 

So to put up signs that refer to Florida as a "free state" is, in fact, quite funny. 

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Props to TSwift

I admit, I'm not a huge fan of her music. But I am a fan of her giving back to communities that she visits while on tour. 

She donates to food charities in every city to help with food insecurity as she believes it's the right thing to do. There shouldn't be this many people going without food. 

Props to her. 

SpaceX Suffers Engine Failure

This was an interesting turn of events. As far as I can tell, there was a leak of some kind (perhaps liquid oxygen?) and it built up as ice and caused the engine to fail. 

The video says "catastrophic" and that's not 100% accurate. 

The mission still was counted as a success in a way, as the satellites were deployed into a lower orbit, and they will use the thrusters to try and push them into the correct orbit. 

But the bigger issue was the rocket itself, which couldn't be disposed of in the "typical way" and is now more space debris. 

So there is a mission review ongoing, to see what happened and how to prevent it. And SpaceX can't launch starlink satellites for now. 

Space junk

Here's another story about a Japanese company that is looking at space debris and plans to deal with it. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Seems weird to me

Burger King is a Miami original. The first store was on US1 near coral gables. Their corporate headquarters has always (I think anyway?) been in Miami.

And their corporate headquarters are in blue lagoon (across the 836 from the airport).

The marlins current home is where the orange bowl once stood. It's maybe 1 mile away from BKs headquarters.

And yet there has been virtually no connection between the two. You would think maybe they'd have some corporate connection. Maybe a BK in the ballpark? But no.

But…I went to a game this past weekend, and there was some advertising going  on. They had crowns. And let you sit in the kings throne.

And when the marlins won, you could get a free whopper junior at participating locations.

Still. Why not have a bigger partnership?

And of course, I wore that crown for several days.

I even attached it to my bike helmet.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Maybe we could pay attention to what we’re seeing?

About 40% of the nation is under a heat alert. 

But "global warming isn't real!"

People am stupid

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

McDonald’s and plant based offerings

McDonald's saw the opportunity to sell a plant based burger, and partnered with beyond meat to create a patty that would meet the criteria they had. 

They sold some in Europe with success.

Then they decided to enter the US market with a test in Texas in just a couple of stores. The burgers didn't sell well, we have been told. It didn't sound like they put much into it - limited marketing and if we're being honest, that market may not have been the right one to test. 

They had already made a decision (very quietly) to not move forward with the sale of these burgers. But went ahead and ran another short trial in California without any fanfare. And it didn't do well either, we're told. 

But the company never said a word about it… for about a year. That left people wondering.

Then a week or so ago they announced that it was not a success (with absolutely nothing to give any insights) and they won't be rolling any plant based offerings out nationwide. 

And to add a little insult to all of it, some executive said something like "clearly people don't want any plant based offerings at McDonald's. And if they do then MAYBE we can offer salads again."

Alrighty then. 

Gaslighting and guns

The general argument we hear is that guns make us safer. You have to have the right to protect yourself. Someone's out to get you (the boogeyman presumably). And so on. 

But what I find interesting is that in most of the rest of the world, where gun nutiness doesn't exist, there is low(ish) crime, and most people aren't clamoring to "protect themselves"… and the boogeyman isn't out to get them. 

We've been gaslit for so long, "we" actually fall for this trope. 

I mean, even if you look at places in the US where guns are more restricted, you see a lower rate of crime, and people don't live in fear (at least generally) that someone is out to get them. 

Why do "we" cling to this and feel this need to have a gun? Because it's in the constitution? The same one that most people have never read?  The same one that gets trampled regularly to make some ridiculous point? 

Gaslighting is an amazing thing. And the gun manufacturers make TONS of money off of it. And they control the message. 

Wake up and pay attention. 

Fireworks, guns, and Disney world.

At one point in time, it looked like Walt Disney world might replace out some of the "traditional" fireworks shows for a drone show. 

And certainly, such a thing is entirely possible, would ultimately be less expensive and less dangerous. And could provide for a more immersive show. 

And though they've toyed with some drone additions, and have a whole show at Disney springs, the reality is that they will NEVER replace the fireworks at the magic kingdom with drones. 

And it has nothing to do with nostalgia or the guest desires to have a fireworks show. 

This has everything to do with guns. The state of Florida decided to allow for guns *everywhere* (because we're idiots) including theme parks and tourist destinations

But Disney has a special federal exemption based on the use of fireworks. And this can circumvent Florida law. 

Surely they don't want people to start bringing firearms into the happiest place on earth. So things will remain the same. 

* as I understand it, universal and sea world have different exemptions. And perhaps Disney could explore use one of those. B it for now at least, they don't want to upset the apple cart. 

Mickey=good. Actual mice=bad

My own anecdote: back when I worked there, I was picking up the days costume while the person working was standing on a chair and looking suspiciously. She told me she had just seen a mouse! 

I responded that she was lucky that Mickey had visited. She did not like that and told me what I could do with that comment. But I stand by it. 

There is a belief that Disney has been breeding an army of cats. Yes, and they're not just ordinary cats, they have a special set of skills. They're like Commando cats and they live in a barracks […] They live on the outskirts of the park [Disneyland] and at night, when they close the park, under the cover of darkness, these cats ascend into the park and they eat all the mice.

The thing that's so messed up about it all, why I hate them, is that the whole empire of Disney is built on the back of one mouse […] If you're a mouse and you go into Disneyland, you are not leaving alive

You think?

Stupid things you say can impact your business. Duh.