Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Mickey=good. Actual mice=bad

My own anecdote: back when I worked there, I was picking up the days costume while the person working was standing on a chair and looking suspiciously. She told me she had just seen a mouse! 

I responded that she was lucky that Mickey had visited. She did not like that and told me what I could do with that comment. But I stand by it. 

There is a belief that Disney has been breeding an army of cats. Yes, and they're not just ordinary cats, they have a special set of skills. They're like Commando cats and they live in a barracks […] They live on the outskirts of the park [Disneyland] and at night, when they close the park, under the cover of darkness, these cats ascend into the park and they eat all the mice.

The thing that's so messed up about it all, why I hate them, is that the whole empire of Disney is built on the back of one mouse […] If you're a mouse and you go into Disneyland, you are not leaving alive

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