Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Gaslighting and guns

The general argument we hear is that guns make us safer. You have to have the right to protect yourself. Someone's out to get you (the boogeyman presumably). And so on. 

But what I find interesting is that in most of the rest of the world, where gun nutiness doesn't exist, there is low(ish) crime, and most people aren't clamoring to "protect themselves"… and the boogeyman isn't out to get them. 

We've been gaslit for so long, "we" actually fall for this trope. 

I mean, even if you look at places in the US where guns are more restricted, you see a lower rate of crime, and people don't live in fear (at least generally) that someone is out to get them. 

Why do "we" cling to this and feel this need to have a gun? Because it's in the constitution? The same one that most people have never read?  The same one that gets trampled regularly to make some ridiculous point? 

Gaslighting is an amazing thing. And the gun manufacturers make TONS of money off of it. And they control the message. 

Wake up and pay attention. 

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