Tuesday, July 2, 2024

McDonald’s and plant based offerings

McDonald's saw the opportunity to sell a plant based burger, and partnered with beyond meat to create a patty that would meet the criteria they had. 

They sold some in Europe with success.

Then they decided to enter the US market with a test in Texas in just a couple of stores. The burgers didn't sell well, we have been told. It didn't sound like they put much into it - limited marketing and if we're being honest, that market may not have been the right one to test. 

They had already made a decision (very quietly) to not move forward with the sale of these burgers. But went ahead and ran another short trial in California without any fanfare. And it didn't do well either, we're told. 

But the company never said a word about it… for about a year. That left people wondering.

Then a week or so ago they announced that it was not a success (with absolutely nothing to give any insights) and they won't be rolling any plant based offerings out nationwide. 

And to add a little insult to all of it, some executive said something like "clearly people don't want any plant based offerings at McDonald's. And if they do then MAYBE we can offer salads again."

Alrighty then. 

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