Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Oh look the concussion protocol is whack

Tua got hit "at some point" on Sunday. No one knows when, precisely, but he was not evaluated or taken out of the game for even a single play. Somehow the spotters - whose job it is to watch the game looking for signs of a concussion, especially for who the player the nfl enhanced rules were made for - missed it entirely.

But now he's in the concussion protocol. Having suffered his 3rd (officially his second because of the "neck injury") concussion. Have there been more they've missed as well? Probably.

The nfl, the doctors, the team...they just go about their business. "Yeah he had a concussion, but we can't rule him out next week."


Which just means the rules are meaningless and the nfl has no clue what it's doing.

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