Thursday, May 2, 2024

Talk about cool tech!

Walt Disney had dreams, plans, and ambitions.  He created a department called WED enterprises that brought together creative minds with can-do attitudes to build all manner of things.   He let their creativity run wild, and many of their innovations are on display in the theme parks (and a few beyond).

This group was rebranded as Imagineering at some point after Walt's death, but still had that spirit, that ability to create.

They went through ups and downs, and had a spell where their creativity was tempered by marketing looking at how they could profit off the ideas - other than simply using them in the themeparks.

Creativity was reportedly stifled, and there was some turnover in the group (and some left to go to other theme parks and entertainment businesses).

But now it would seem that things are turning back around and their creativity is a nice hybrid of cool tech coupled with some "possibility" of revenue generation.


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