Sunday, February 5, 2023

Stupid is as stupid does

Flori-duhs governor is opposed to anything transgender related (truth be told he's opposed to many things, and he governs on personal philosophy. Dictator much?)

He has proposed that to participate in girls/women's sports at public schools and colleges, women should submit a history of their menstrual cycle to "someone" with a goal of ensuring fairness in women's sports.

Look, I'll grant you that a person born as a man may have certain physical attributes that are different, and perhaps they may be better at some things because of it. But not always, and the international federations have found that testosterone levels play a role, and testing for that may be sufficient.

And what of women who, for reasons out of their control, have irregular cycles, or none at all?

Perhaps we could have a rational debate on the topic?

But no. He'd rather violate a woman's privacy and make them either not want to participate or let them be self conscious about their own bodies - all the while instructing all of us that we can't teach about such things or talk about such things. But he can because it serves his purpose.

What a … douche.

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