Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The world is whacked.

This story about dominion voting lawsuit is enlightening.

A quick reminder that "the big lie" posited that vote totals were changed intentionally on machines provided by dominion voting systems.

The lie persisted as the basis for overturning the election. Good old Rudy and the crazy lady were the primary actors. But Fox News did most of the supposed reporting.

It was very flawed, and totally played into a gop-led conspiracy about the deep state or whatever.

Dominion sued, since they were singled out. Fox News was the big name in the suit.

The lawsuit moved forward. Discovery happened.

And what did we learn?

Everyone. Every. One. At faux news knew it to be one big lie ... and that the "experts" were crazy. We know it from discovery of internal communications and from depositions.

And yet they ran with it because they knew they would lose viewers - and money - if they deviated from the company line.

Uhhhhh. Fair and balanced they were not.


And meanwhile the GOP is grilling the candidate to head the FCC because he made a statement about Fox News being state sponsored propaganda. Which is now demonstrably true. But don't bother these knuckleheads with facts.

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