Thursday, June 16, 2022

Oh Elon...

Elon Musk is a bit of a lightning rod. He says and does things that are polarizing, grab headlines, and sometimes are just stupid.

But he's fairly smart, or at least savvy, and he has this Thomas Edison quality about him; he surrounds himself with sharp people and knows how to engage in serious self-promotion.

Recently, he made a comment that he thinks Florida's (douchebag, wanna be dictator) governor would get his endorsement for president.

I was taken aback. It seemingly came "out of nowhere" and is kind of, well, ill conceived and stupid.

Then, I thought about it. Governor dimwitty has made it his made it his current priority to antagonize any and everyone who disagrees with him. And he is especially harsh on companies that say or do anything contrary to his will (see "dictator")...

One of Musks companies sells cars in Florida. One of Musks companies is trying to build tunnels in Florida. One of Musks likely-soon-to-be-acquired companies (twitter) has been in the governors crosshairs for a while. And probably most importantly, one of Musks companies launches spacecraft in Florida and is trying to expand that footprint.

If your goal is to make money, and expand, and you see the governor of the state GIVES YOU shit if you kiss the ring, and gives you SHIT if you are opposed in any way, then this might be an option.

Not one I'd take, but certainly an option.

So like most things musk says that aren't specifically about his companies, I see it is crazy and perhaps a little calculated.

Even if it's about his bottom line, he can stick this comment up his ass.

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