Thursday, June 16, 2022

The January 6th hearings

With each day that passes, it becomes clearer and clearer that what happened at the capitol was no random act. This was a coordinated attack on our democracy from outside - and shockingly from inside as well.

As Abraham Lincoln once cautioned us, in a wide-ranging speech leading up to the civil war, the only way we can be destroyed is from within. We must always be cautious, and guard against this to not let that happen.

As I've said many times, every person. Every. Single. One. Needs to be held accountable for what they did before, on that day, and even after, to commit an assault on democracy. And we need to exercise the laws for sedition and seditious conspiracy (or more) as needed - no matter that persons position, role, or relative power. Charge them with crimes, and let it play out in a court of law.

This isn't a joke, and without punishment, they will try and again and again, and may have success in eliminating our democracy in the future...

Now as for 45, there is even more coming out about him and the things he did. And one thing that struck me was how he was grifting as he mounted his "legal defense"...he didn't do the typical things a politician does to retain power - instead he attacked democracy head on, AND cashed in on people's willingness to believe the big lie, in their thoughts, and with their wallets. So he made money and got a mob to attack the capitol on his behalf.

That's a spectacular thing to do. And he deserves to be publicly humiliated, have all of his assets seized, and go to jail.

While he's no "mastermind," he certainly did take advantage of the opportunity to make this happen.

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